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Are you still running a legacy system or one which will not support what you want to do now let alone tomorrow?
  • Can't get the information out of the system you require?
  • No internet based communication hub to allow claim reporting and seamless communication with all parties involved with the settlement of a claim?
  • System constraints mean 25 minutes to set up a new claim?
  • No support for remote working?

There are dozens of potential solutions, and CWMC and its systems specialists can identify which is right for you.

Changing your systems no longer needs to be a major disruption - there are many easily accessible Internet-based systems, many of them structured around transactional charging which means more cost control for you.

Contact us today if you need some practical help to identify the opportunities and way forward.

We are not IT systems geeks, just claims and system / business analysts who have spent years helping clients identify opportunities, researching what is available and helping with the practical implementation of change.


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