Claims Leakage

Motor claims leakage

From evaluating the effect of whiplash injuries and credit hire on claims handling costs through to the impact of telematics, CWMC is hugely experienced in uncovering claims leakage and pinpointing the causes so insurers can take remedial action.

Is poor claims handling putting you at risk?

  • Paying claims for which the insurer has no liability
  • Missing cases of potential fraud
  • Failing to pursue recoveries
  • Incorrect salvage deductions
  • Overpaying for credit hire
  • Overpaying for salvage
  • Incurring unnecessary costs for third party claims handling
  • Incorrectly allowing or disallowing no claims discount at renewal
  • Settlement delays resulting in soaring credit hire and storage costs

A staggering 41% of all recent motor claims reviewed by CWMC had leakage, averaging £1,450.

Let us help you get a grip on motor insurance claims leakageContact usfor a confidential, no obligation conversation.

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