Claims Leakage

Claims Leakage

Claims leakage has a huge impact on insurer profitability.

While most insurance companies aim to keep claims leakage at under 3%, according to the last 10 forensic audits conducted by CWMC during the past three years, claims leakage averaged 11%.

Our research reveals an average leakage in nearly one in three claims and with a huge variance between the best and worst performers with leakage ranging from 2.5% to 18%.

How much are you losing?

CWMC can help you control claims leakage by:

  • Identifying leakage points
  • Helping you streamline procedures
  • Implement effective anti-fraud strategies
  • Harness new technology to automate time-consuming, but routine, manual processes.

Contact us today for an informal, confidential conversation about how we can help you plug the leaks.

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