Claims Handling

Interim Management

CWMC can embed insurance professionals within your organisation for a set period to overcome temporary staff shortages or, longer-term, to implement improvements on a hands-on basis.

It can be for day-to-day claims handling, or for more senior strategic roles. Our highly experienced, perceptive and prudent managers won't 'go native' but will make a tangible difference - fast.

A fresh pair of eyes

A CWMC expert on assignment as interim claims manager for a large insurance company identified weaknesses in its claim handling controls, which left the organisation vulnerable to potential fraud. He outlined his concerns and recommendations to set up an anti-fraud team which was accepted by the Board.

Measurable results

Following a period of considerable change, a leading insurance company asked CWMC to resolve problems with its large multi-skilled call centre and to manage it on an interim basis pending recruitment of a new manager.

Within two months of working with the existing staff, we were able to raise call answer response rates by 24% and reduce call wait times by 25% (and all this despite an increase in the overall volume of calls). Sales of new insurance policies also increased by 39%.

Don't leave management gaps in your business - contact us today to talk to a suitable interim with relevant experience.


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