Travel claims audits

Fraudulent travel claims appear to be a growing problem. Many travel claims are handled by outsourced providers who historically may not have been subject to the same level of scrutiny as those handling motor claims.

If you outsource travel claims, can you be sure that they are being handled correctly?

In CWMC’s experience, common issues include:

  • Incorrect validation
  • Paying for unnecessary treatment
  • Using incorrect exchange rates
  • Failing to deduct the excess
  • Missing potential fraud

Knowing where to look...

CWMC was asked to audit an external supplier that handled outsourced travel claims for a major insurer.

Although the supplier had previously been audited by the insurer’s in-house procurement department, we knew what to look for and discovered that the company was paying for hospital treatment and repatriation expenses in one currency while billing the insurer for the cost in another.

They were making a 7% margin in the process which was not being passed on to the insurer.

To keep your travel claims on track, please contact us for a confidential, no obligation conversation.

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