Motor claims audits

Key findings from more than 12 different audits include:
  • 11% quantifiable leakage (best 2.5%)
  • 40% of reserves needed change
  • 15% of data incorrect
  • £479 average credit hire saving (£616 actually achieved in claims we went on to handle)

From scrutinising whiplash and credit hire claims to auditing suppliers and supplier networks for insurers, CWMC’s findings help ensure motor claims operations are efficient, effective and compliant.

Sounds familiar?

An insurer commissioned CWMC to undertake an audit of whiplash claims, believing its incidence of whiplash to be running at an average of 1.7 claimants per claim. Our analysis showed the true number to be between 2.2 to 3.

Further investigations revealed the sources of the increased risk business, allowing the insurer to take the appropriate steps resulting in whiplash claims now more in line with the industry average.

To see how we can help ensure your motor insurance claims are on the right road, please contact us for a confidential, no obligation conversation.


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